Why be bored in school? Go to a Skateboard School! This Toronto District School Board alternative school design program helps students earn high school credits and graduate by creating their own brand and running a skateboard business / professional design studio. OASIS SKATEBOARD FACTORY (OSF) "ON THE GRIND": TDSB's ART & ENTREPRENEURSHIP O.G.s since 2006!

Thursday, June 30, 2022

OSF is now Closed for Summer!


Congrats OSF Grads 2022!


First GET ON BOARD OSF's Founder Award


My idea for OSF grew out of students experiencing school success through making things. At OSF we make skateboards and the catalyst of the expansive growth and support of our program I believe happened when I began to take portrait photos of every new student proudly holding their first deck, documenting this moment of their reengagement with school. Sharing these photos on our social media let the public in on this transformative educational moment and helped many adults and teens themselves see and imagine what is possible as alternative education. This opened the door to a community embrace of OSF for the past 13 years that has been the essential element to the success of our students. In discussion with our community about my legacy stepping away from my role as the founding teacher of OSF as I step into retirement, we thought it would be a nice idea to start a new award in my name. OSf gives many grad awards, but this new award isn’t for a graduating student although you all know how deeply proud I am of our growing list of OSF GRADS and VIPS. The new annual GET ON BOARD OSF’s FOUNDER AWARD is a cash award matched with a pro builder kit from our friends at Roarockit Skateboard Company going to a new student recently joining the crew in celebration of their reengagement with school and to help be a platform to launch their continued creative and educational work. Going through the photos of new students so proudly displaying their first completed project and reading about their new brand, personal reflections and their process of design, there were so many great first skateboards and ideas, but the first annual winner of the GET ON BOARD OSF’s FOUNDER AWARD is CHLOE of FLUIDITY WITHIN. Congrats Chloe! - Craig

Retirement Message from Craig:


Reflecting on my retirement, I leave the school in some amazing hands. Lauren, the thing I’ll miss most in retirement is the creative synergy and fun we had together during the daily process of dreaming up so many wild projects for our students. Special thanks to Erin for stepping in this year and supporting the crew to continue to make cool stuff. OSF isn’t all about just designing cool stuff, although we did design some of the coolest stuff ever, from a mini ramp inside a hotel room at the Gladstone to a 30 foot long skateboard for Anomaly on site during one of our trips to New York city, but the core of design at OSF has always been about relationships and a commitment to social justice. When I stood right here in this alley 3 years ago receiving a Prime Minister’s Award I spoke to students about how as designers we have a responsibility and unique skill as designers to intervene in the status quo. I am so proud of the work we did together in our equity and social justice projects over the years, especially our many OSF INDIG SK8 initiatives and of course the OSF GRRLZ SK8 CREW now the OSF GHOULZ. I am very proud to have been part of the TDSB Alternative Schools community and especially want to thank staff and administration of Oasis Alternative School in this commitment to education innovation and social justice. The community embrace of OSF over the years has been the essential element to the success of our students. I have a huge heart full of love for all our community partners that became part of the safety net for our students. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart from your continued commitment to help OSF be a launching pad for young skaters and creators. Creativity and innovation don’t happen in a vacuum, thank you for the support you my friends gave me over the years, and of course my family and especially Elizabeth, love you. As I see this class of emerging designers and see so many old students faces returning to show support, I want to thank all my students for all the fun we made.

Custom Work


Monday, June 13, 2022