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This Toronto District School Board alternative school design program, where students earn high school credits by creating their own brand and running a skateboard business / professional design studio, now offers even more SK8 Entrepreneurship Opportunities & New Courses including SK8 & Art Co-ops, INDIGENOUS SK8 Studies, Physical Arts & Mindful Living...


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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Come out and support the Movember foundation by bidding on one of twelve boards by OSF x Marc O'Brien


Numbering our limited edition screenprinted skateboards: OSF x Marc O'Brien fundraiser for Movember on Nov. 30 6-8pm at Academy of Lions

Our Movember board production line: OSF x Marc O'Brien

Thane Library

Thane Library

I got a skateboard for a birthday present at 12 and I rode it almost every day yet I could barely ollie, it was more fun than walking. At 16 I got a longboard, a cheap Globe prowler. I learned how to power slide on it in a week and discovered a skate shop about 10 minutes down the road from my house. I became close with the shop owner and later began hosting longboarding events in my area. which happened to have plenty of interesting spots to skate that allowed me to develop my skills and fuelled my passion. By the time I was 19, I didn’t have a board at all. Going back to walking everywhere, my life felt like it slowed to a dull crawl. I met my fiancé and she discovered my skater past. She also wanted to learn how to ride a longboard. I bought a used board of from old friend and we’ve been known as the longboarding couple ever since. 
The board graphic is my brand “Thane Library”, the question mark-shaped, tuck logo, and the words "Presenting Old School Night Shred". It advertises a gathering of skaters every Wednesday night to ride together across the garages and streets of Toronto. 
My inspiration came from a Toronto Board Meeting where I realized that while there is this grand yearly celebration bringing together people from across the Earth to ride together, there are still longboarders (beginners and experienced riders) who don’t have any knowledge about these events. With my brand,  I hope to grow the community and promote a positive image for skaters.

On this board, I used a dark border with gold specks on a wood background to have more of a mature feel, and to suggest night time. The main focus of the graphic is my the text, inviting riders to this long standing skate community event.  I used hardwood maple for this deck so it is strong, yet easily shaped and simple to work with. Using maple alone felt primitive though. Using the Roarockit kit, building a basic board is something that anyone can pick up. I look forward to advancing my ability and knowledge in board design and construction.

A bamboo custom city cruiser delivered to a happy client

Nathan teaching the OSF Crew about the Four Ps of Marketing: OSF x ANOMALY Business Program

OSF Skateboard Silent Auction and Fundraiser for SKATEISTAN at Longboard Living

OSF Product Catalogue has been printed

Quali-TY Co.'s first board!

My brand is called QualiTY. QualiTY exists to reintroduce quality and creativity into skateboarding culture.

This first board is called the Raw and Uncut. Its theme is just to have imperfect, weird lines and ripped lines. It’s not the usual pattern and is just all-around raw looking. I really had no specific inspiration for this. I just wanted to make something original and different from most boards out there. I used ripped tape to create the effect of something tearing through the board and made a tape stencil for the logo and spray painted in the lines and then the logo afterwards.  I used black, red and white for the logo and left some grain visible.

With this board I’m trying to prove that being raw and uncut looks good. I really enjoyed designing this board and bringing it to life. I learned many things, like how to make paint and design a board to make one from scratch. I just loved this experience and hope it never ends!

Another HOMESPUN board...

In Process: OSF x Marc O'Brien boards for Movember in and out of the Roarockit vacuum bags

Students running our Screenprinting Studio

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Hey OSF Community, please join and share this event:


Retro surfy tweeks from street decks shapes (Looner Brand)

OSF Skate Wax Puck Molds in process...

Congrats to our current OSF Crew rolling into Term 2: 94% Course Pass Rate at Midterms!

OSF's Mo Sistas: Student Screenprinters Supporting MOVEMBER!

Screenprinting in our studio with Montreal based artist Mark O'Brien for our OSF collab with MOVEMBER

A row of spraypainted veneers ready for screenprinting: OSF x Marc O'Brien for MOVEMBER


Bid on these Boards to support SKATEISTAN!

OSF Student Button Designs for TUCANA COFFEE now on display (the results of this graphic design challenge will be announced December 1, followed by a production run for this awesome local shop) @tucanacoffee

Workin' in Rhino: Monday at OSF means designing a mold to make a puck of Skate Wax

The OSF Frankenboard Tradition continues...old street decks upcycled into a new dropdeck!

Join us on Thursday November 26, 6-8PM: OSF x LONGBOARD LIVING present a Fundraiser for SKATEISTAN

Earning Community Hours and Learning New Skills: OSF students painting new mural for Seven Lives Tacos with ROCK

Learning to use cut and print technology at OCADU