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Semester 2 Update: So many cool skaters, designers and creators have emerged through our program over the past decade... Picture you on our Year 11 crew! OSF is taking applications to start school Sem. 2 February...Drop in to a Wednesday 9AM Info Session in Dec. & Jan. to get an application until spaces fill up.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

PR95: "The Classic"

Half a semester has passed and I'm still in love with this school, so its really no surprise that I would draw on this inspiring place to make myself something so clean and classy.
I started out with pre-cut Canadian hardrock maple, pressed it with Roarockit technology and I could see my board slowly coming alive! With the plan of starting my own brand, I looked to the public for ideas for the graphic. Everywhere I looked I could see that people were almost attachted to crest designs: sports teams, hip hop logos and street wear. It was almost like everyone belonged to these out-played brands as a trend and had lost the passion for what they individually want or could have.  Having this observation in mind, I created my own personal crest with the feur-de-lys and other decorative elements so I could introduce change into the local skate/street wear market.
My color scheme was based around medieval royalty, using white as the background and velvet purple as an accent with gold as the main theme. I glossed over the board several times so the colours really popped, which made those powerful colours "forever classy"!
After working through the process of board and brand-building, I started to realize that I could do this for a long time as a career after my time enrolled at OSF. Pushing myself there now is the thing that has made me succesful over these past few months, so I'm just going to keep on pushing up those hills till I reach my life goals... Thanks OSF! 
Pashun over Fashion!

Students tackle academics in practical context at Skateboard Factory (On-line exclusive for Education Canada)

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Curriculum by Design: OSF Q & A with Craig Morrison in current issue of Education Canada Magazine (*Video Interview with Teacher & Students below...)


OSF leadership students run a successful "Free After 3" program at the AGO

OSF Students spend their Saturday promoting the program with a merch table at the "Publically Funded Alternative Schools" Conference at Ryerson University

(*OSF mentioned in newspaper article on conference in Toronto Star)
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Concrete Wave Magazine with article written by OSF Students now available for IPad through ITunes

First OSF "Free-Skate" day of the school year donated by CJ Skateboard Park & School

Who thinks up this wild stuff?: Student "Dream Decks" in Process at Roarockit...

Centre of the Universe

I am a Toronto born and bred writer, entrpreneur-in-training and most recently designer. I've lived all over the city but I've never lived outside of it. I've been through a dozen social scenes both online and off. I've lost a great many people and a good chunk of my mind. I've got plenty of issues but I know what I want from life and I've even got an idea of how to get there. I've also spent most of my high school career at alternative schools, but I've only been at OSF for this semester.

My first board is a collection of a variety of symbols which mean something to me. The triple moon symbol with the five pointed star is a goddess symbol. I've never been very religious, but I do have my beliefs and I'm pretty firm in them. I'm also strongly connected to the moon, and I always have more energy after it rises. The night sky represents the time when I feel most comfortable, most alive, and the idea that the stars are always within reach. The laughing skull represents death, and the idea that death is always an adventure. Last but not least, the swirl in the centre represents my brand, Centre of the Universe, and was my original logo idea.

If my board communicates anything, I hope it communicates that beauty can be found in anything if you look hard enough—whether that be the night sky or death itself. On a higher level, I hope it communicates that anything is possible. This was an incredibly complex design, but I managed to pull it off—with help from some other members of the OSF team—and I learned a lot in the process. I'm extremely proud of this board, and for someone who's not used to being proud of art projects, that's an amazing feeling.

I'm excited to continue building boards. I love the woodworking and the new medium. As someone whose primary focus is on writing, it's awesome to be doing something more physical. Over the next year I hope to grow as a designer and build the skills and connections I'll need to start my own business.

Morning Coffee Delivery!


Hey I’m Tizzard, I’m a skateboarder. This is my first semester at OSF and I have completed my first board. The theme of my board is subvertisements; the idea was to take a logo and modify it to have a different meaning. I took the logo of the store Dollarama and changed it to Sk8arama, because I live close to a Dollarama and I skate.

I used 7 pre-cut veneers of maple wood to make this board. I glued them together and used vacuum suction, a pump and a pre-made mould of a street deck to shape the nose and tail of my board. The elements and principals of design I used were color, balance, harmony and proportion to create a new logo that looks like the original. My board communicates the comedy in skateboarding; there are a lot of funny moments in skateboarding like falls and when you land a trick you weren’t trying to do.

I feel my first skateboard came out pretty good, considering it was my first time using the Roarockit method to make a board. Also I didn’t have an idea for the graphic in the beginning, but it came together pretty well. I can’t wait to make my "dream deck" next semester!

Another board from SMILEZ...