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Friday, February 26, 2016

THE YOUTH ARE REVOLTING 2016 Skateboard Art Show & Auction

Skateboard Art Show & Auction 

Sponsored by Roarockit Skateboard Company
in support of Oasis Skateboard Factory school programming http://oasisskateboardfactory.blogspot.com
*Gladstone Hotel, March 2 to 11, Closing Party &
Silent Auction Friday March 11, 7-10PM
This March, the Gladstone Hotel will host a retro mini skateboard exhibit and silent auction of rolling artworks by high school students and local artists in support of the Oasis Skateboard Factory’s innovative entrepreneurial school programming.
The Oasis Skateboard Factory (OSF) is an award winning high school program where at-risk youth earn credits and graduate by running a skateboard design business. For THE YOUTH ARE REVOLTING 2016, young emerging student designers collaborated with high-profile professional artists to develop a series of skateboards based on the theme of teen stereotypes and rebellion.
Come meet all the artists and bid on one-of-a-kind art skateboards at our Closing Party & Silent Auction on Friday March 11 from 7 to 10PM. 
*Collaborating Artists include the 14th OSF Student Design Crew with: Kevin Harper, Ian Langdon, Lukus Toane, Andrew Scott, Alexa Hatanaka, Patrick Thompson Conrad Sandbacka, Paul Wolk, Beto Janz, Ben Ackerman, Andy Slater, Oleg Portnoy, CHAMPSTILES Woodburning, Ness Lee, Amanda B, Patrick Weir & Marc Pelland of FUSE, Bennett Klein, Well Preserved, Marko Neofotistos, Mary Tremonte, ROCK, Syrus Ware, Devin Boutcher, Lisa Farrows, MODEL CITIZEN, Kirsten Muenzberg, Beverly Furer, HOOKY Creative Co. with Jay Douglas, Lauren Hortie, Moises Frank, Jade Weir, Kelsey Whyte. Other Contributing Artists include: Lisa MacIntosh and Kevin Lyons

OSF Crew 14 is the #1 Crew launching our new OSF x Academy of Lions "Physical Culture" course

Ending the school week with some fun in our new Physical Culture class: OSF x Academy of Lions

Dhani leads our new Physical Culture class: OSF x Academy of Lions

Prepping some ugly & extreme self portraits for a class photo at our upcoming Youth are Revolting Gladstone Hotel show...

Student SK8 collab with Amanda B: one of the many Lil'Rockits on display March 2-11 at Gladstone Hotel. Closing Party & Silent Auction March 11, 7-10PM

Sem 2 Business Program underway with a session on New Media by Nathan: OSF x ANOMALY

Student collab with Beto Janz process shot...check out the final board in our show at the Gladstone Hotel March 2-11

First OSF tag on EVOLVE-TRANSFORM-EVOLVE's cast. The rest of our crew are sending you healing vibes and we can't wait to sign it too!

Student collab Lil'Rockit with artist Beto Janz in process: One of the many YOUTH ARE REVOLTING boards on display at Gladstone Hotel March 2-11. Closing Party & Silent Auction Friday March 11, 7-10PM!!!

OSF Art Hardcore: Getting ready to paint outside in the rain/snow/slush tempest with a makeshift cardboard/scrap wood/garbage bag umbrella!

Fun day for our crew at the skatepark but we are all wishing our OSF Champ a speedy recovery for that ankle!

Yay, it's a FreeSK8Day! (OSF at CJ Skatepark)

Starting an upcycling unit and new OSF Native Studies course with a SK8 Wampum project introduced by our new teaching intern Gordie

Showing our new friends from Cape Dorset visiting with Embassy of Imagination how OSF builds boards using Roarockit technology

Detail of the first skateboard delivered back from our collaborating artists: Come check out and bid on this black velvet painted board and many other art and rideable boards by emerging and professional artists at the Youth Are Revolting (Gladstone Hotel March 2-11, Party and Auction Friday the 11th, 7-10PM) Presented by OSF & ROAROCKIT

Friday, February 12, 2016

Rolling Glue with Kevin from VICTORY Tattoos: 1 of 32 professional artists mentoring our emerging artists for our collab show at the Gladstone Hotel March 2-11

Jamming on designs with Andrew from SLOAN: 1 of 32 professional artists mentoring our emerging artists for our collab show at the Gladstone Hotel March 2-11

First out the gate: OSF Board Builders finish the woodworking on their first boards and get a prize of fresh Otangs!

So many artists & designers through the studio already on only Day 2 of the new semester working on our collab show at Gladstone Hotel March 2-11 presented by OSF & Roarockit

Lotsa Lil'Rockits in production for our artist collab March show at the Gladstone Hotel presented by OSF & Roarockit Skateboard Company

CHAMPSTILES introduces our first project of the semester and gives a board building boot camp: OSF Class #14 now in session!

Congrats OSF Crew #13 on achieving a final overall 95% Course Achievement Rate on Sem. 1 Report Cards!!!

THE YOUTH ARE REVOLTING Class Portrait 2016: OSF Crew #13 x ANOMALY

Some OSF x Kevin Lyons @klyonsnatborn skateboards are still available $75!

CTV featuring student brands at Friday's Pop-Up Shop

Nice shot of the spinning face sculpture by OSF x ROCK...