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Friday, November 17, 2017

Custom turtle shaped collab skateboard with Pauline Maracle & Jayson Martin x @lizard_kidd & @oftenextremleymad from our OSF Indigenous SK8 Studies program

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Coming Soon: This semester's student brand OSF SK8 Stickers made with @anomaly & @sugarbomb_printing !

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OEM: I am the creator/owner of OftenExtremleyMad.
I'm in my last year at OSF and will be graduating in 2018.
My brand OftenExtremleyMad exists to release anger through illustration. OEM is my way of taking out my anger and expressing the way some of the smaller things bug me every day. While creating this board, I decided to choose one of my many pet peeves I have and put it into a comic strip. This one being chewing with your mouth open... I think many can relate to this topic because we all know that one person that can't shut up while eating. 
I used acrylic paints to design this board which was a good learning experience because I mostly work with pencils and pencil crayons or spray paint. I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out and enjoy the laugh and relatable moment it gives everyone. I think I'll continue making comics and decks based off of my pet peeves and frustrations. Follow my instagram @oftenextremleymad !Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing


I’m a an 18-year-old student in my second year at Oasis Skateboard Factory. My brand is called Ickytoy and right now I’m working on a capsule collection for it called WARTS&ALL, which is all about focusing on the ugliness of monsters. I’ve been drawing and creating monsters since I was a child and my art medium of choice is digital, but I love working with spray paint and watercolours as well.

The theme of the board - and the character especially - is about common animal phobias, such as snakes, spiders, bats and bugs. The character is made to be a mixture of all these animals. This fits into my capsule collection by recognizing that despite the phobias of these animals, they still deserve love and respect.

My inspirations come from the animals mentioned. I find that animals that are common phobias are interesting, becoming even more interesting by being phobias. For me, finding the reason why people find them so scary and icky is interesting, albeit disappointing, because these animals and their subspecies are - for me - really cool!

For this board, I tried to make all the colours bright and vibrant to make it eye-catching and used the rule of thirds to figure out where I would put the body parts so no part of the board was too lacking or busy with detail.

The materials used were watercolours for the paint and a woodburner for the texture. First, I woodburned the board. Next, I used gloss sealing spray on the board so the watercolours wouldnt be absorbed into the wood as easy. Then finally, I painted the board with watercolours.

While making this board, I learned that, personally, I should take more time to make sure my sketch is readable so when I eventually woodburn or spray paint it, i can read the lines better so I don't end up making silly mistakes. I also learned to make sure I plan out what details go where and plan out the pose of the monster so it's not as confusing for me and the people looking at my boards.

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A new handmade branded board for @schmaltzappetizing by OSF student designer @flameskateboards2017

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OSF's risoprinted comic "Tails from the Rats Nest" mentored by @portablecity in production at the OCADU print studio

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I’m 17 and I’ve been developing my brand POP SK8 since September. My sister told me about OSF, and it’s awesome being a student here. I was homeschooled from grades 1 to 10, so it’s cool how the learning process for me is a different one here.

I’m into reading manga and superhero comics, computers and robots. I love playing Destiny (video game), and I watch football, basketball and ice cross.

The image on my board is comic book themed, and the story is based on the video game RPG, where two heroes fight a boss and lose. I was inspired by Destiny, another RPG.

The board is made out of Canadian maple veneers. I drew the panels and printed them in the shape of a pintail, applied the printed template to a tape stencil, and spray-painted the board blue and the characters yellow. Features and outlines are in paint marker.

I made the choice to fill the entire space of the board with imagery. The lines are organic and the board has a smooth texture. By using a limited amount of black, I created defined images from the blue areas.

The narrative on my board is about two characters who try to beat a really hard boss and get destroyed in the process.

I’m happy with the woodworking component of my board. As far as the graphic elements, I would use less lines next time, less panels, and make the characters bigger.

This board will be for sale at the OSF January 26 pop up @anomaly. Look for me there and follow me on Instagram @pop_skate_to

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My brand is Timeless, it exists to interconnect the past and future with the present.
This is the first board I've made at Oasis Skateboard Factory, for this board I chose to create a street deck with a retro inspired graphic. I created this design digitally and messed around with different colour ways and ideas until I found a design that I believed people would enjoy and that would truly embrace the essence of Timeless. During the creation process I took inspiration from different albums and their artwork ranging from Jimmy Hendrix to The Weeknd. My work is heavily influenced by music of all genres and as an artist I try my best to express those influences within my designs and pieces wether it be through colours, vibe or subject matter.
For the physical design process I hand pressed and woodworked this board and then made a 5 colour way stencil, painted the graphic using spray paint and then hand painted the final touches and details with acrylic paint.
The next step for Timeless is to create designs, boards and graphics of the highest quality. My goal with my brand is to bring you a classic lifestyle that is just as the name implies, Timeless.

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Strong colours and graphics, a sophisticated youthfulness and feminine energy define my brand MAD.IN.US. It’s been 2 years in the making, and occupies a lot of my time and imagination. I work best secluded in my basement.

Lil Uzi’s current hit song XO Tour Lif3 was the starting point for the imagery on my board. It’s part of my 90s capsule collection and is based on
a vintage Polly Pocket compact.

I used a mini board with a tape stencil and different spray paint styles. I applied the colour using spatter technique and I built up a bas relief effect by multiple sprayings of certain areas. The lettering is my self-drawn font and appears in my logo. I chose the dark background in order to make the image of the fire pop, and to give simplicity to the overall design. I framed the central image with the roughly symmetrical shapes of the fire.

I wanted to grab the viewer’s attention when I drew the fire and the corpses in the pool. The lyrics of the song just fit right in.

I’ve never done tape stencil before for a personal board, so I am going to use that technique again. Applying acrylic paint onto the already sprayed board is not something I would do in the future.

This board will be for sale at our upcoming January 26 pop up shop @anomaly and don’t forget to check me out on Instagram @mad.in.us

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My brand Boredz has been developed since September. I’ve always made art by doodling when I’m bored. I’m interested in depicting the activities people find themselves taking part in when they are bored.

I like how skeletons look and find they’re fun to draw. As far as composition, I used two banners to draw the eye down my board. I varied my line between thick and thin to show dimension. The frame was painted in the texture that mimics wood. I chose all neutral colors, because they reflect a mood of boredom.

The black spray paint I use leaked,and seeped into the wood grain and I had to fix this with paint marker.

From making this board, I learned to wait and be patient. Cutting out the skeleton was long and tedious. Next time I will use a much simpler design!

This board will be for sale, but I can also easily see it hanging on my wall at home. Follow me and my brand on Instagram @_wearebored_

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I'm 17 years old and this is my first semester at OSF. I'm interested in underground fashion and reworking used clothing
into new styles. My brand is Sus, it exists to create DIY grungy
fashion and accessories.

My first deck is inspired by Tumblr fashion and obviously by Hello
Kitty. I like Hello Kitty because I've seen some of my favourite rap
artists using the cute image in a alternative way, creating a cute and
edgy aesthetic. I took the character and put my own take on it by
putting a teddy bear in her arms with X's for eyes.

I pressed the board with a Roarockit vacuum bag and did all of the
wood working by hand. To create the graphic I used tape stencils and
spray paint. To add my own personality I embedded glitter in the deck.
I sprinkled it on the deck and sealed it in with gloss.

The graphic uses the principles of design of emphasis and movement. I
created emphasis by placing the character in the centre of the board
and movement by placing stars in groups of threes in an "S" curve down
the board to draw your eye around the deck and give it flow.

Overall I had fun making the deck but I also learned a lot, like if
you cut too deep through the tape you leave scratch marks. I also
learned that it's easy to cut your fingers! I'm getting used to using
a new tool. I was really happy with the glitter effect and would love
to do it again but I'm even more interested in printing a vinyl
sticker for my next deck.


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My brand is called WZRDSK8 (wizard skate). I like playing fantasy games online, and that’s where I got my inspiration. I do my best creative work at OSF because the environment is full of people working on art.
This board contains a character (the wizard), that I’ve wanted to design for a long time. He carries a staff and wears a gauntlet that shoots fire, lightning and water.
I made this street deck using paint markers, tape stencils, and spray paint. My brand colours are purple and gold, both regal and mystical colours.
For the design, I decided that my graphic looked better in landscape format. I turned the nozzle of the spray can to make the splatter background to look like outer space. The shapes that make up the wizard are very simple and geometric, a byproduct of the stencil technique.
The street deck will be my personal board to ride. I am illustrating my brand and hoping the unusual design I made will attract people.
While making this board, I learned that stencilling is kind of hard. Next board I will make a much less elaborate design!

Follow me on Instagram @wzrdsk8

After all work due today for Midterm Report Cards, here is the flow chart of OSF Projects/Products till the end of the semester.

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Sunday, November 12, 2017


Want to join the Oasis Skateboard Factory student design team for Semester 2, earn credits and graduate high school?
We are doing drop-in Wednesday 9:00AM Info Sessions for students wanting to apply to start school in February in our Classroom/Studio located at Room 3,
Scadding Court Community Centre (707 Dundas St. West). Phone:
Follow OSF on Social Media:
*Instagram: oasisskateboardfactory
*Website: http://oasisskateboardfactory.blogspot.com
*Facebook Page: Oasis Skateboard Factory
*Twitter: CraigOSF

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Build your own Brand: OSF is now accepting applications for Sem. 2, attend any Wed. 9AM Info Session to apply! (*Photo of class sets of Student Brand Stickers)

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I’m 18 years old and this is my first semester at OSF. My brand is Snare Street Art and it exists to expose the beauty of street art to the general public. Street Art has a lot of negative connotations associated with violence and gangs, but I think it’s an art form that is accessible to anyone no matter what your class or status in life is. This is the first board for my brand, it’s a mini board with a retro shape.
First I glued hard rock Canadian Maple veneers together and pressed it on a Roarockit vacuum bag. Since this was my first time woodworking, I never realized how hard it was to make the curved edges even. To start the graphic, I painted the board black. To make my brand logo as a
noose I made a simple stencil out of masking tape. I used two different colours of Montana Black brand spray paint to give it a speckle effect. I used paint marker to outline and add finishing
touches. I added an OSF bubble letter throw up on the kick since this was my first board at this school to show mad love!
I realized that after I was done that there is a slight delam which I will fix by forcing some glue into it and clamping it. I’m pretty happy with this board in general and I will do even better next time. I’m looking forward to working for a client and selling my first board.

Working on Woodburning with @champstiles ...

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Student SK8 Brand Stickers in production @sugarbomb_printing ...

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

We are honoured that the OSF SK8 WAMPUM will have a new home on permanent display in the ROM's new makerspace: Student's will present it to the museum at Friday's Treaties education event!

Parkdale Push Product Catalogue Published

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Comics Class with Rachel Khan @portablecity

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I’m 17 years old and this is my first semester at OSF. My brand revolves around spirituality and feeling like a million bucks. My brand is based off my sense of fashion. I want to make street wear and skating chic.
I made a retro mini as my first board out of Canadian Maple using Roarockit technology. It was challenging to shape because I’ve never done woodworking before, but I definitely got better over the studio time I spent sanding it. The graphic is a repetitive pattern of hand drawn symbols based off of the well known Louis Vuitton brand pattern. I reshaped the print to incorporate my brand logo, the ankh “G”, and
stenciled it on my board. I colour matched the Montana Black brand spraypaint to the original LV pattern. When you create a new brand, a
tactic is to use a popular image so that it grabs the viewer’s eye and it makes them stop and question it. I tried to put across a luxury
brand aesthetic in my subvertising of another luxury brand’s pattern.
So far, my experience at OSF has been life changing and I can finally work on and grow my brand with all the opportunities we get here. I
can’t wait to present a variety of Godde$$ products at our January 26 Pop Up Shop!

Pokedeckz by Lizard Kidd

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I am a returning student to OSF and my brand revolves around the mystical, spiritual and political aspects of society. Lizard Kidd reflects me as a person who blends into my surroundings while still observing and commenting on society. This board was an attempt to
incorporate pop culture into my art and to do a technical experiment. I wanted to explore nostalgia within skateboarding with this design.
This board is custom cut from a symmetrical freeride board mold shape. I have never made my own custom board before, so it was interesting to learn how to make a template of a really functional new longboard
shape. After finishing the woodworking, I stripped the backs off my favourite Pokemon cards. I used wood glue to collage them in brick
pattern. I also tried to arrange the layout in a rainbow colour scheme. I sealed the cards on the board using many layers of
waterproof varnish and then applied polyurethane varnish because I wanted it to be more scratch proof.
I am happy with how the technique worked on this deck. It was difficult figuring out a way to make sure the cards wouldn’t fall off over time, but once I set this board up I’ll put it to the test. I have never had a longboard so I’m stoked to ride my own longboard design for the first time!


I grew up in Quebec and moved to Toronto in 2013. The theme of the board is raw and deconstructed, with the image of the rat symbolizing the underground subculture of Toronto. Inspiration came from artists Basquiat and Mark Gonzales who play with raw, yet complex designs. Both artists were inspirational to me because of their work in the realm of the abstract. 
The board was hand pressed on a styrofoam mould using seven layers of Canadian maple. The design was created using a tape stencil that was cut and then spray painted in three separate
layers. The last step was the board being speckle painted chrome. Smooth contrast allows images to 'pop' on the board and varying texture compliments the brand "Bumrat", which is grungy with its roots based in the punk scene. 
I enjoyed using the skateboard as a canvas, expressing myself through art.

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I am a sixteen year old youth from St. Catherines who moved to Toronto two years ago. Aware of the school long before being able to
attend, I am happy to be enrolled! I am inspired by artist/skateboarder Mark Gonzales. My board design was inspired by the artist Matisse who does not put borders or black outlines in their work. Lettering on the bus replicates the texture of crayon.

The board is made of seven plies of Canadian maple and shaped using a styrofoam mould "Roarockit" vacuum bag. A bus image was printed, then traced on top of green tape and laid on top of board, cut out and spray painted. Line and shape were used to create the bus image and lettering. The emphasis of the board is to celebrate the inner child in all of us.

I learned about new tools of creating a stencil and how much pressure is needed to create a design. Making my first board was an enjoyable experience and I learned things to avoid when making boards in the future.

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I'm a sixteen year old indigenous youth living in Toronto. The design is inspired by the story "Raven Steals the Sun." The image is of a raven creating a sunset bringing light into the world for the first time. 
The board was spray painted with the lines done with paint marker to add detail. The board was hand pressed and made of maple. The main goal of the brand "Winddancer Design" is visual storytelling. I learned about stencilling and cutting cleaner lines throughout the process. The design of the sunset allows the viewer to think about warmth and light. 
While making this board, I changed my brand to "Krude Kids", with a different set of ideals. Although the brand has changed, I still strives to tell stories through art.