Why be bored in school? Go to a Skateboard School!

This Toronto District School Board alternative school design program, where students earn high school credits by creating their own brand and running a skateboard business / professional design studio, now offers even more SK8 Entrepreneurship Opportunities & New Courses including SK8 & Art Co-ops, INDIGENOUS SK8 Studies, Physical Arts & Mindful Living...


*Drop-in Info Sessions are held every Wednesday at 9AM in the OSF Classroom (Room 3, 707 Dundas St. W.) during the school year...APPLY NOW!!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

While many students would rush out of school before a long weekend, OSF students wanted to stay after school to learn to print their new Skate Team Tees!

Thanks to East York Alternative and Teacher Adam Passarello for letting us use their awesome screen printing classroom!

Earth & Colour

I am currently a student at OSF, but before that I used to go to a normal public school. Being in class bored and not being interested in my classes at all made me just doodle over all my notes and binders and that is how I devolved all my characters and drawings I can now use at OSF. I put tougher my own doodle land that I could escape to during class.  OSF is a great school for students who want to focus on their own art!

The graphic that I have made for my first deck is the planet earth looking gray and colourless with colours leaving earth in a flowy way. This graphic was what sparked my interest in art because I had bad grades in every class (including art) but I doodled all the time and the first time I put effort into an art piece at my old school I got an amazing mark. This graphic consist of layers of spray paint and then some touch ups with paint marker. The board has stars all over it to keep the board looking consistent. 

The board also only has primary colours and shades. The reason for only using primary colours is because those are the essentials and without those we have no other colours; if those leave the earth (as they are in the graphic) then the world will be colourless. What I am trying to communicate is that we should appreciate things more... even if it's small things like colour.  

From making this board I learned a lot of things to do next time and not do ever again like when you cut the tape with the blade do not press hard or else it will leave lines on the wood; also always cover things you do not want painted. Overall, I am pretty happy with my first board and I am proud of myself. I'm very stoked for the upcoming decks I'm working on and going to be working on.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Get on Board...Apply to OSF for September 2013!

*Updates: As of Wednesday, April 3, 2013, OSF will hold weekly drop-in Information Sessions every Wednesday at 9:00AM in the classroom. *Expanded Programming & New Courses have added including Grade 10 Civics/Careers and 1 or 2 period Co-op. For more info and a complete chart of courses go to: http://shoposf.blogspot.ca/p/get-on-boardjoin-osf-student-design-eam.html

OASIS SKATEBOARD FACTORY (School / SK8 & Street Art Design Services)
is looking for creative youth to join our STUDENT DESIGN TEAM! 
  • Are you 16-19 years of age and wanting to be reengaged in school by doing real-world projects in the community?
  • Do you love visual arts, design, street art and skateboard culture?
  • Earn Gr. 9/10/11 compulsory & elective high-school credits by running an entrepreneurial skateboard design business.
  • Learn hands-on to build skateboards, design original custom graphics, work with local artists and community partners, market, retail and display your own brand… and have the opportunity to earn $$$!

INFORMATION SESSION DATES for Sept. 2013 Registration at Oasis Skateboard Factory: Every Wednesday at 9:00AM starting April 3 (Application Packages for Sept. 2013 Registration at OSF are Due Friday, May 31, Interviews will be scheduled June 4 & 5). *All hour-long, drop-in info sessions take place on Wednesdays at 9:00AM sharp in Room 3, Scadding Court Community Centre, 707 Dundas St. West at Bathurst. (Note: Due to space and time constraints, latecomers will have to return for the next scheduled session) -----Note: Spaces are available for young women age 16+ to participate in OSF initiatives promoting women in skateboarding/graffiti. 

Student Criteria for Application to join the OSF Student Design Team: - TDSB student wanting a fresh start - 16+ years of age - Need the credits offered (mostly Gr. 9/10/11 English/Media, Business/Entrepreneurship & Visual Arts/Design) - Able to learn independently & participate as a contributing team member in a community setting - ***Demonstrated interest in visual arts or design, street art and skateboard culture.

For Registration Info Contact:
Craig Morrison, Founding Teacher
OSF Classroom: 416-393-0845

Behind the Scenes: OSF Students (Toronto) applying Sustainability-themed Art to Bamboo Skateboards (Oceanside, California) for our yearly Graphic Design Collaboration

Thank-you Roarockit for giving OSF students an opportunity to earn community hours at another successful Swap Meet

Swap MEAT!!!

OSF shop set up at Roarockit for today's Swap Meet (880 Millwood, 12-4)