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This Toronto District School Board alternative school design program, where students earn high school credits by creating their own brand and running a skateboard business / professional design studio, now offers even more SK8 Entrepreneurship Opportunities & New Courses including SK8 & Art Co-ops, INDIGENOUS SK8 Studies, Physical Arts & Mindful Living...


*Drop-in Info Sessions are held every Wednesday at 9AM in the OSF Classroom (Room 3, 707 Dundas St. W.) during the school year...APPLY NOW!!! -----PLEASE NOTE, due to the COVID-19 School Site Closure, students interested in applying to start school in September should email craig.morrison@tdsb.on.ca for an Application Package.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Art Gallery of Ontario has requested an extension of OSF's popular skateboard art installation for Youth Arts Week, now on into June in the Weston Family Learning Centre!

OSF Crew pose in front their AGO display with Rt. Hon. Michelle Jean

BAP Board

Hi, I’m 18.  The art that I do is digital art.  My two most favourite things in the world are anime and hip hop.  This is my first semester at OSF and I like the idea of using different mediums to create art.

On my first skateboard is a tribute to the Korean artist called Zelo.  He’s a singing artist.  He’s my favourite artist and he’s from the band B.A.P.  I picked him for my board because he is really big inspiration for me, in terms of how he looks at things, his style and his music.

My inspiration was realism and a technique for putting images in greyscale and then using a filter on Photoshop that really contrasts the image.  The first step was to photofilter the image, and then I printed it out on a piece of paper to fit it to the board, and then cut out the image.  I used carbon paper to trace out the image.  The first layer was the white of his face, and then I repeated the previous steps for all the additional layers. In the end I used gloss to finish the board.  The board relies on value, colour (the pink in his hair) and line to create the shading and streaking effects.

I am trying to communicate my passion for music with this board.  This is a board for myself, so it has a lot of meaning for me.  I really enjoyed the experience of making my first board and learning how to do realism in a different style that I can also use in the future.

OSF Parent & Filmaker Rob Barnett's short doc on OSF (Spring 2013)

Community Mentors facilitate an Intro to Tshirt Design/Retail Workshop for OSF Students: Jaclyn (OISE Intern), Ken (The Baitshop) & Amanda (OCADU)

Spring 2013 Street Marketing Class Project: OSF Student Brands x The Baitshop Wheat-paste Wall (Completed)