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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Playing in the sand...

I love to skate.  I've been skating for about 5 years now, started skating back home in Quebec and somehow made my way to Toronto. This is my first semester here at this amazing school called the Oasis Skateboard Factory. I am really excited and thankful for this amazing oppurtunity. I hope to return next year because this year is going by way too fast.

My board is made from 7 plys of Canadian maple. We carefully glued and placed the veneers together pressing them with a vacuum sealed bag. After a day of drying it was ready to be shaped and sanded down to a nice smooth pintail shape.

For the design, at first I really didn't know what I was going to put on my first deck that is going to be shredded by me. So I thought hey, why not put me on it! I kind of went outside the box with this one. I started off thinking I would put my shirt, shorts and face on it so when I held it up it looks like you're looking through a crazier universe than we already live in.

To start my design, I taped up my board with some green tape, drew the first layer which is usually the background. I decided not to put a background… Why, you may ask? Well its simply cause I liked the wood grain much better. So the first layer was my shirt. I taped it up, drew on how my shirt was going to look then took a stencil cutter and cut out everything I drew. I put layer after layer of hard work. Every time I went to spray on a layer, another idea hit me. So I really just went with the flow with this one. It was the perfect opportunity for me to really express myself differently on a skateboard. A lot of time, hard work, tape and spray paint was used for this.

As for the near future.. I just really want to get nollie inward heel flips on lockdown. Until then I'll just be playing in the sand.