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This Toronto District School Board alternative school design program, where students earn high school credits by creating their own brand and running a skateboard business / professional design studio, now offers even more SK8 Entrepreneurship Opportunities & New Courses including SK8 & Art Co-ops, INDIGENOUS SK8 Studies, Physical Arts & Mindful Living...


*Drop-in Info Sessions are held every Wednesday at 9AM in the OSF Classroom (Room 3, 707 Dundas St. W.) during the school year...APPLY NOW!!! -----PLEASE NOTE, due to the COVID-19 School Site Closure, students interested in applying to start school in September should email craig.morrison@tdsb.on.ca for an Application Package.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Artist talk with long term OSF collaborator @champstiles starting our Oct/Nov client projects for @craftedcoffee & @old.block

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Installing our #parkdalepush OSF x @longboard_living x @thepublicstudio.ca skateboard series window display today... check it out starting tomorrow at 58 Landsdowne !

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Board building demo for our friends visiting from Nunavut with @thepasystem

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I'm 16, I street skate and this is my first semester at OSF. My first deck is a street deck with a thrash graphic of a wolf paw and scratches. 
The image represents my brand Lone Wolf Skates. Lone Wolf Skates exists to be the savages of the streets. I’m inspired by brands like Death Wish and sketchy, grimy art styles. Lone Wolf is not clean, it’s for skaters who don’t care about how their tricks look. The important thing is that they can do it. 
I made this board by pressing 7 layers of hard rock Canadian maple in a Roarockit Airpress Kit. Then I scraped and sanded the board into shape. The graphic was made using a two layer tape stencil. At first it came out too perfect so I had to mess it up a little bit. I gave it a mist effect with grey and black and a healthy red splatter. The claw marks give a sense of movement in the way they slash down and across. The splatter looks like it’s the result of the movement. 
Overall I think the board turned out nicely. I think it represents the brand a lot better than I initially thought it would. The splatters and mistakes make it not perfect which is in keeping with my brand. Maybe eventually I’ll like a clean graphic but right now I want to keep it as close to my original idea as possible.


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I live in the city of Toronto, Ontario. This is my second semester at OSF. My brand is District. We exist to ensure that sport is pure fun. For my first deck of the year I made a mini with the CN tower as a surf-style stripe.
I was inspired by the designer Evan Hecox who does boards for Chocolate Skateboards. I like how he does series of boards inspired by landscapes around the world. For District I want to create a series of boards based on the city of Toronto.
I pressed this board out of seven plys of maple. Then I shaped it and sanded it. I did a lot of brainstorming of different designs before I landed on one that was a good balance of simple and detailed and looked very clean. I also decided to use Olde English font instead of the cursive I’ve used in the past. I dipped the board black and then used green tape to outline the CN tower before spray painting it with a speckled effect. The element of design I used is shape because the graphic is 2-D and the principle of emphasis where the gold and silver shape stands out in the middle of the board.
I think the board turned out well although the gloss seal was tricky to get even. This is the first of a series of boards based on famous towers and landmarks around the world. My goal is to get my brand out there and connecting with a wide audience. I want people to hear about District.


This is my second year @oaisiskateboardfactory . I am now 18 years old

and my brand is @zim_skateboards . I recently started a skate shop
@dunbatskateshack and I’m super excited to be back at OSF for my final
The theme of my skate board is “Trap Barney” as a part of my “ZIM X”
capsule collection. I collaborate with local artists and take
something retro that they like but put a twist on it. This board was
collaboration with another student’s brand Trap Home. The inspiration
for this board was retro cartoons and the Trap lifestyle (being
resourceful and doing what you need to do to survive).
I used @roarockit technology to press my board on my own custom pool
deck mold with lots of concave and pop. I used a tape stencil, spray
paint and paint markers. I placed Barney as the focal point to pop out
of the board with bright colors. Finally, I used paint markers for
line work.
This board is trying to communicate the retro fun feeling Zim brand as
well as representing the Trap Home brand by staying true to your roots
while truly progressing. The graphic shows Barney on the come up, but
at the end of the day he is still Barney.
One thing I learned working on this board is that I hate working with
metallic paint because fingerprints really show up on it: I’ll
remember to wear gloves next time! You can look forward to new artists
and interesting graphics coming from my Zim X collection this year.

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Monday is production day for our new #parkdalepush catalogue with the help of @anomaly @vikpiccreative

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@anomaly @vikpiccreative in the OSF classroom for product photography prep for upcoming #parkdalepush board series catalogue

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I’m 16 years old and live in Toronto. Its my first year at OSF. I started going to OSF because I really enjoy skating and art. My brand is Flame Skateboards. We exist to burn the rules where skateboarding has been outlawed in a fun and playful way. This is my first board for my brand.

My inspiration for the flame graphic on this mini retro shaped board came from the brand Spitfire. I made a tape stencil and sprayed the two sides of the flames before spraying the centre with a fade. The black background provides contrast and make flames pop. On the reverse grip tape side I was inspired Supra’s army style font and made a stencil out of the leftover grip backing. I made the “E” relate to the bottom graphic by having it shaped like a flame.
I really like how my first board turned out. I feel like I should have made the flame graphic asymmetrical to fit in my brand name, but at least it’s branded on the grip tape side. I am looking forward to developing a board series with different graphics that all use flames as part of the visual motif of my new brand.


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I'm 20 years old and this is my first year at OSF. I came to this
school to get a brand going and I knew a regular school just wasn’t where it was at for me. My brand is Trap Home. Trap Home was started for people staying true to their roots while truly progressing. My first board is an interesting and skateable deck with a happy feeling
My first Trap Board consists of mixed shades and tints of pink that allow the font and pattern to really pop out. With nothing but personal thoughts and green tape, I drew up simple lettering and
transferred them to my board using stencils. I placed my new logo in the centre as the focal point.
I'm excited to get feedback from skaters and the local community about how I am making "trap" a positive thing (many people don’t recognize the resourcefulness of so called troubled people). In my first project I learned how to follow proper steps to complete work successfully; by developing my brand and future boards I will apply what I learned in
this project.