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Monday, November 19, 2012


Hey I’m Tizzard, I’m a skateboarder. This is my first semester at OSF and I have completed my first board. The theme of my board is subvertisements; the idea was to take a logo and modify it to have a different meaning. I took the logo of the store Dollarama and changed it to Sk8arama, because I live close to a Dollarama and I skate.

I used 7 pre-cut veneers of maple wood to make this board. I glued them together and used vacuum suction, a pump and a pre-made mould of a street deck to shape the nose and tail of my board. The elements and principals of design I used were color, balance, harmony and proportion to create a new logo that looks like the original. My board communicates the comedy in skateboarding; there are a lot of funny moments in skateboarding like falls and when you land a trick you weren’t trying to do.

I feel my first skateboard came out pretty good, considering it was my first time using the Roarockit method to make a board. Also I didn’t have an idea for the graphic in the beginning, but it came together pretty well. I can’t wait to make my "dream deck" next semester!