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Sunday, May 13, 2012


CRAP APP By OSF x John Marriott April 2012: Yet another political distraction from the Mayor of Toronto who announced an iphone app for reporting graffiti (that merchants and property owners then pay to have removed). More bullying instead of leadership. May 2012: Responding to the Mayor's war on youth and street art, Oasis Skateboard Factory and John Marriott present CRAP APP, using the creative skills and critical awareness of youth to reply to cynical politics that attempt to marginalize them. A Shout-Out to OSF artists Moises "TRNE TRKS" Frank, Alyssa Kalinovits-Zimmermann and Nick Robertson for their spirit, ideas and skills in making this display. *Window Display at Xpace Cultural Centre (58 Ossington), May 11-26, 2012