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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Incoming Meteor

Hey, I’m 17 years old and I’m just a normal kid homegrown in Toronto. I just love to skate and draw so this program (or “home away from home” as I think of it now) is perfect for me. I guess my theme or inspiration is space because you never know what’s out there, just like life. The stars are people; there’s so many but you never see them all.

After I got all my thoughts down on paper, I had to put them on my board. Instead of spray painting, I used a method called sponge-dabbing with acrylic paint. I used analogous colours in my meteor by going from yellow through orange into red. The logo in the meteor is my brand logo called “Cosmic Dragon” which I hope to continue later in life.

Being a skater and always buying my boards from stores, making one was so much better! You can make your own skateboard however you want… colours, patterns, styles, anything you want can happen. The one thing I can say is I love my board and Oasis Skateboard Factory is awesome! Also, thanks to our community partners Roarockit Skateboard Company!!!!!!