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Wednesday, April 19, 2017


This is my second semester at OSF. My brand is called Catcall and we exist to empower women to speak out against sexism in the skate industry. 
We got challenged to incorporate a new element we haven't used in our boards. I made a standard pintail and decided to give it a antique chic look by spray painting it white and sanding it down to make it look more worn/old. I also drew some eyes rolling, "Its getting old" and some catcalls overwhelming her. All these catcalls were heard by women I personally know and frankly I think it is getting old hearing the same degrading lines. Women should fight back the catcall and general respect should be mutual. I learnt during this board that catcalling occurs way too much. When I asked them to say a catcall they have gotten called by, most of the women couldn't think of a catcall on the spot because there is too many to think of. 
Overall I'm happy with how this board turned out and I think its a good direct message. The antique look ended up looking so sick. I'm excited to see what my future at OSF holds for me developing opportunities with my brand.

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