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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Pure & the Tainted

The Pure & the Tainted

This is my third semester at OSF and I’m trying to do a “classier” thrash style with my brand this year. Flare Skate Co. exists to be a signal of sanctuary for skaters. We try to bring skaters together as a community. I’m looking forward to my last year at OSF and the many projects and learning experiences ahead of me! I'm also working on building up my brand, developing the peaceful community around me, and
initiatives where I can give back.
On this board I did a marble/chaotic mess background. The main focus of the board references the famous Sistine Chapel “Creation” mural by
Michelangelo. My version is the battle between the pure and the tainted, the good and the bad. Within one person there is always this battle between good and the bad. Rather than stenciling with spray paint, on this board I tried hand painting for the first time using water colour and acrylic paint. I liked this technique because I could get shadows and tones (like in the hands); this technique shows depth and form.
To make this board I used precut Roarockit Canadian Maple street deck veneers on my own personal custom carved mold. A thing I did differently to make this board unique was shift the veneers lower so the tail has a bigger kick; this design is made for cruising and lets you pop with “ease and steez”. I also put wheel wells on this board for the first time for a smoother cruise without wheel bite. I used the corner spindle of the table belt sander to cut through a few
layers of veneer to create a bigger gap between the deck and the wheels. It was harder than I thought to create these wheel wells because all four need to match up to look good.
Overall, I’m happy with the outcome of learning these new painting and
building techniques and I’m planning to improve on them in future