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Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Flying Eyeball

I’m new at Oasis and this is the first board I’ve completed. The graphic I’ve done has to do with this stick-on-tattoo I bought at a dollar store when I was younger. Ever since then I drew that tattoo over and over again making it my own.

I was really attracted to it because I like how there are horns and dragon wings on the eye ball making it cool, but also it has this soft simple shape to it. The two identical flames on both ends create symmetrical balance.

I built this skateboard by gluing the wood together and sanding it for hours. It makes the board mean so much more when you build it yourself than an “all I did was a graphic” kind of thing. I spray painted the background with red, orange and yellow giving it a faded effect. After that, I made a stencil of my graphic then sprayed it on.

After I made my first board I was very proud of myself and I had a sense of accomplishment that I’ve never felt before. Working with my hands has been a really rewarding experience!