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Saturday, April 16, 2011


I love stencil design and attempting to skateboard! I love random images put together to create something completely odd. I like playing around with drawing characters with weird features when I work in my sketchbook. The drawing this board is based on is my version of my friend. In the first movie we ever watched together the main character had a TV for a head; I created this character, to represent him. This was the first of many great memories with my best friend and he is such an important person in my life. My first great amazing board had to be dedicated to him. ☺ I love you beauty!

I love stencilling and I figured to make this board the best I could I had to STENCIL! It’s my favourite technique. I love how stencils are simple but always have this detailed look to them. I blended the background of the board from red to yellow because they are warm colours and stand out and catch your eye. I kept the same effect for the guy’s outline: silver to white. I learned more about spray paint techniques and how to blend colours and control drips. I stencilled everything else over with black to help the image stand out like a comic book style.

I love how this board turned out! It’s my love child and I’m so proud of myself.