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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Slither Cruiser

I have been going to Oasis Skateboard Factory alternative school for about a year and half. Throughout these years I have learned how to make custom boards and long boards. Since returning for the third semester, my last semester at this school, I have become a leadership student and had the chance to work with Ted from Roarrockit. During our sessions at Roarrockit we learned new techniques for building boards and applied them to our own dream board.

The shape of this board is a mini-cruiser. I got inspiration from Penny skateboards and their vinyl decks. I used 6 plies instead of 7 considering how small the deck is: the durability and flex were not affected. The design I chose to put on my custom board is a snake cut up into the different boroughs of Toronto. I got this idea from a NYC skateboard brand called 5BoroNYC. I wanted to do the same kind of design that they did for their company, but applying our city’s sections.

I wanted to keep the design very simple and monotone. I used only 2 colors: green and black. I let the grain of the wood show through as well.  Overall, I think that I did a good job on the graphic and learned a lot as well. The whole experience working with Ted, this school, and teacher Craig Morrison has been great and I would defiantly recommend this alternative school to anyone that is into graphic design!