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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Luvsumone – I LUV NY

What up world, you already know who it is;) TRNE TRKS, been a student at OSF for a year and a half now. You might recognize me as the Spanish artist with the never ending bad hair days, yeah.. that’s me.  I was born into this lifestyle of graffiti and hip hop and a lot of my art reflects that. Currently I stopped skating as much to focus more on my art. I'm really trying switch the game up and paint on random objects beyond the limits of a squared canvas. I find that one of the hardest things in life is trying to balance everything, especially when you love too much, lol. My dream for the future would look a little something like this… a super awesome drop-in art/dance studio where youth would get the opportunity to just paint and get away from struggles or have someone to talk to and learn about Jesus Christ. 

Bottom Image/Top Board: This board was pressed using Roarokit technology and was a commissioned cruiser for a cop I met last summer. She really wanted a New York theme with a graffiti twist.  The funny thing about this board is that I painted this exact image mural size so it was fun to do it again on a smaller scale. The colours were totally down my lane, warm, vibrant and just straight up delicious! I was really inspired by fruits check it out, mango on top and kiwi on bottom, yumm. I began with taping up the first side of the board so half of it was exposed and then I went at it with spray cans and my magic touch, fading and layering and speckling at just the right pressure. I let that dry and then did it to the bottom side. There is definitely balance and focus on the board and sense of line and shape. I was aiming to communicate the liveliness and warmth of a city like New York.  That’s why I used a lot of bright colours. The skyline and bridge were simple stencils, sprayed with darker colours to put a focal point on the center of the board and to make a clear division of sky and water. The way I see a spray can is like an explosion focused on one spot and once you can master that you can create anything.  When you look really closely at the sky it’s just tons of dots placed just at the right spot. I really enjoyed making nature out of my own mind and of course adding my graffiti flavour. 
LUVSUMONE: Love God, Love Art, Love People.