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Monday, June 17, 2013


I’m 18 from Toronto, Ontario.  My hobbies are digital art, fashion and literature.  This is my first semester at OSF.  Before Oasis I didn’t really attend school. I got bullied and it ruined my courage to get up in the morning and go.  By ever since attending Oasis I’ve been able to gain friends; it feels like family.  It feels like a different morning since I started, and things have been going really well.

The theme for my board was to go along with my brand, which represents Harijuka fashion, Tokyo and Japan and their traditions.  The basic meaning of it would be nature and knowing and standing for who you are. 

The first step was staining the board.  I chose a mahogany brown to get that tree bark effect.  I chose line, and depth as my elements of design.  So the second step was when I started to wood burn the fine details of my design into the board.  I chose to make the lines really deep so the colours wouldn’t blend together, to really bring out the design.  The last step was creating the orb. To do that I sanded the top of the orb to give it a glow effect.  Then I clear coated it, and it was complete!

What I am trying to communicate through my design is how important and beautiful nature is and also how crucial it is to be one with yourself and really know who you are.  The symbol in the centre of the board is Japanese for "soul".  The reason I chose the word soul is that every human has one, and it important to know that you really need to give it a trait, and really make sure everyone can see it. 

I really enjoyed making this board.  It wasn’t really my first board, but it was the first board that I could keep and it really represented me.  Knowing that made me really enjoy the process!