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Monday, December 9, 2013

Black Eden

I make electronic music, play guitar, draw and more recently make skateboard decks.

With my board and my brand I want my art to tell a story or to provoke thought. I tried to put out the thought that we are all essentially the same and we all end up in the same place, and there’s no way to stop death. My skateboard shows death with a scythe and blue flames meant to represent souls. I pressed the board using a vacuum seal, a Styrofoam mould and glued skateboard veneers. The graphic was made with tape stencils and different layers of spray paint.

Blind is a skateboard brand I take inspiration from, in fact the first board I stepped on was a Blind board. Blind has a counter culture meets pop art theme. The general idea of my Blind inspired graphic is that death is everywhere and there’s no way to escape so make the most of what you have now because you don’t know when it’s your turn to meet him...I think it’s safe to say my work has a dark tone.