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Monday, December 9, 2013

Señor Mustachie

I'm a new student at Oasis Skateboard Factory; I'm 17 years old and a young entrepreneur.

This is the custom deck I created for a school project made with 7 ply, 100% Canadian maple. This is another creation for my brand Señor Mustachie which I've been developing the past 3 years. Unlike boards I've made in the past outside of school, the schools supplies have allowed me to completely make this board by hand, increasing its value and my flexibility with designs. I pressed, sanded, and painted the deck myself to my desired specifications to achieve the final result. Our next project is to work on a board for a client, which I'm handling currently and could not be more excited.

The ambiance of this alternative school program has greatly help me improve my self motivation and work habits. In other public schools, being around students who have no interest in completing work spoils a good working environment and is something found in most other classrooms.

My new found inspiration comes from my school peers. Every work day I'm put into a learning environment with some of the most hard working, independent, and innovative people I've ever met. Teachers Craig and Lauren are two hugely influential people really putting their hearts into this program and the students involved. Working with and around them pushes me to new limits and helps me excel to new potential.

The hands on business, woodwork, and life skills I've learned here have been put on my resume and have opened up many job opportunities and career paths for after high school which I didn't have before.

I highly recommend this program for kids interested in learning skills in a fun, hands-on way that most schools won't teach you, in a truly welcoming, family environment.

This sounds too good to be true, but don't take my word for it.
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