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Monday, October 27, 2014


Yo, I’ve been going to OSF for less than a year and this is my first personal board. My board is based on my brand FILTH that represents my lifestyle and beliefs. I live life fast and dirty; my brand exists to add my filthy layer tosociety. This is my first mini board. I chose to start small and work my way to bigger boards. It was also a perfect shape for my design, which is a zombie reflection of my face at real scale.

This mini is hand pressed using Roarockit technology with 7 layers of veneers of Canadian Maple. I learned how to stain a board with aniline dye because I wanted to show some wood grain and make the background contrast from the spray-painted graphic. I was experienced with stencils before coming to the program, but on this board I pushed my limits. I created a 5 layer self-portrait stencil of my face; I started with a digital photo and then I edited it by tearing away skin, adding stitches and making a grimy looking face. I chose colours to be uneasy to the eye.

My first branded FILTH board was a success and built new skills. When it was done I couldn’t believe I did it and it is a real accomplishment…I’ve never been more involved in a school project! The skills I’ve started to learn at OSF will help me pursue my dream of being a respected artist and skater.