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Monday, October 27, 2014


I am new to the Oasis Skateboard Factory alternative high school. This school has been my saviour for getting my high school diploma. It is the perfect high school that I always wish existed, till I found out it did.

For this semester my brand is Flippin Ferrets and the purpose of my brand is to inspire and enable your adventure. I try to achieve making everybody's day to day life a little more adventurous through making mini-sized, manoeuvrable, free-riding skateboards with old school thrash-styled graphics. I have three pet ferrets and they are very adventurous and I am also into metal and old school graphics, therefore I was influenced to make a zombie ferret board for my brand.

To make this board I used traditional OSF & Roarockit techniques. I glued the pre-cut veneers and then pressed them in our Roarocket air sealed bags. Then I sanded the edges and got to work on my graphic. I wanted a ferret with its guts showing and falling out from inside so I googled a picture of a ferret's internal anatomy and used it for a reference. I decided to use dull tones for the ferret itself and vibrant, bright colours for the guts to really make them noticeable; I like the neon green and purple combination that I've seen in old comics and pictures so decided to use those for my board. I traced and stencilled out all the colours for the design and spray painted them one by one.

I am happy with the result and I've learned that using acetate stencils can be quite difficult and stressful, but I'm glad it turned out the way it did.