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Friday, November 2, 2018


MONKEY BO$$ is my new brand that I started in my first semester at OSF. MONKEY BO$$ exists to show the similarities between humans and animals. Humans seem to think that we aren’t animals or evolving; we have huge egos that make us think we are alien to the natural world. On my first board I represented an ape on the US dollar bill as the President. On my board I am showing apes as the top of the food chain as supreme in our civilization.
This was the first board I pressed and made by myself. I hand sanded it and then dipped the whole board green with spray paint. Then I stenciled areas for a second color of analogous green. The details were drawn on with paint marker to get a variety of fluid lines of similar line weight; there are a lot of details, especially in the focal point of the President Ape. I used the paint marker to create textures using dots and lines to make the graphic less flat or 2D. 
Overall, I am really happy with how my first board turned out. I learned that its easy to mess up with paint markers because they smear and you need a steady hand. I made sure I knew where the lines were supposed to go and I went over them multiple times to make them look smooth. I think that my graphic turned out looking a bit vintage so its a good match for this old school pool deck shape. I’m looking forward to developing the style of my brand on clothing and other skateboard shapes.
Instagram: monkeeboss