Why be bored in school? Go to a Skateboard School!
This Toronto District School Board alternative school design program, where students earn high school credits by creating their own brand and running a skateboard business / professional design studio, now offers even more Entrepreneurship Opportunities & New Courses including SK8 & Art Co-ops...APPLY NOW!!! (*Info Sessions held every Wednesday at 9AM in the OSF Classroom during the school year. Our upcoming OSF Application Deadline is May 30 for a September 2014 Start.)

Oasis Skateboard Factory is holding two Registration Sessions for creative youth wanting to participate in an on the spot design experience to earn a pre-registered place in this alternative school design program starting September 2014:
- Wednesday April 23, 4-6PM
- Wednesday May 7, 4-6PM
Please bring your credit counselling summary and any samples of work to help us get to know you.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

TDSB 2009/10 Annual Report features the OSF on the first page!

To learn more about how the OSF is an example of innovation in the area of student achievement at the Toronto District School Board, check out the the 2009/10 Annual Report at http://www.tdsb.on.ca/_site/ViewItem.asp?siteid=10553&menuid=32171&pageid=27456