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Monday, March 23, 2015

Age Skateboards

My brand is based off my YouTube team. We make creative skateboarding edits and gaming. My brand exists to show that skateboarding can be more than just a rebellious crime; skateboarding is creative. I feel like the word “age” references the past and how time moves forward; skateboarding grew out of surfing but changed through time to be more of a whole culture with technical elements and opportunities for a career. At my “age” I see younger kids getting super good at younger and younger ages, so as time goes the standards improve. In the future I think people will see skateboarding more than as a sport but as a whole creative lifestyle and form of art.  Skateboard is my favorite form of creative expression.

This is my first skateboard I made myself. I made it out of Canadian maple which stronger because Canada is cold! I made my graphic by transferring my drawing with carbon paper onto tape and cut out stencils. I used spraypaint and faded the flames with orange to give my graphic texture rather than just a flat image.  My logo is an “A” chopped up to make it look more futuristic; this is appropriate for my brand because my brand is based around how skateboarding traveling through time.

Next time I will improve in my ability to incorporate more details into my graphics. Since I’m more of a computer person, I challenged myself to get back into drawing. OSF is improving my art skills and workflow; I’ve always been a slacker but now I want to keep my head in the game because it will help me in my future goal of running my own company.