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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Candy Coated Lips

Hi there! This is my first semester at OSF and I finished this board on my 16th birthday, which is freak’n awesome!!!!

I’ve been to so many schools that after the 7th one I lost count. Every school was the same story, different place. Until I got to Oasis! This school has changed my view on life itself. I’ve been more successful in these short 3 months that I have in 13 years. So far I’ve come up with my own company and logo and have produced 2 boards.

For this board I decided to promote my company, Candy Coated Lips. My brand’s images consist of lips, pin-up girls and leopard print. I am a very girlie diva who loves fashion and vintage clothes, so I wanted my brand to represent me as a person. I believe that I have executed this very well.

Making this board was a very long and tiresome process. I had to press, carve and sand this board to perfection. I then sprayed layers of spray paint on my board starting with the hot pink background, followed by the light pink leopard print, then the white background of the 50’s pin up girl, and finally ending with the black detailed outlines of her body. In the end all the long, hard work resulted in a beautiful board --- pain is beauty!

I decided to make my pin-up black and white, because I wanted her to be the main focus. To finish it off I cut out my brand name in the grip tape, which I’d like to say is extremely hard. In the end it gave a nice touch by showing the hot pink spray paint under the grip tape.

All in all, I’d have to say that finishing my board on my birthday was a very rewarding gift! Making this board has not only given me this wonderful experience of school, but it has showed me ways of perfecting my art work. I can’t wait to expand my brand and produce more boards in this life-changing program.