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Saturday, December 3, 2011


Howdy. I currently attend the school Oasis Skateboard Factory and I just made my first longboard. This is my first year attending this school and I can already tell you that it's one of the greatest learning experiences you could imagine. Before I moved here, I lived in a small suburban area where you could literally walk from one side of town to the other in 5 minutes. My previous school (in my eyes) was horrible and actually ruined my learning experience through high school; I got suspended for the stupidest reasons! When I found OSF, I thought finally I could pass high school for once.

The graphic on my board represents my own life and the big struggle of moving from the countryside to right downtown in the big city. The images on my board are of a redneck holding a spear fighting a green hooligan holding spray paint. This represents my life because the redneck is me when I lived back at home. The vibrant colours on the redneck also represent how I had many ideas and creative thoughts, but they were all held in because of my surroundings and peers. The green hooligan is me now, after I moved to the city. He is represented by my favourite colour green. Green also means success, money, and nature.

My creativity is finally being used, I’m doing well in school in all my subjects, and this struggle with school isn’t a struggle after all.