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Monday, December 5, 2011

Watevski – Cain (for I have created)

What up ya’ll, this is TRNE TRKS all caps, Creator of Watevski! I’m a new comer to OSF and honestly, I think I’ve learned more in these past 4 months then I ever had in my 11 years of being in school. Of course my board shows all the skills I have learned and put to use. My graphic actually has two meanings. The first is the simple fact of the future being monitored and every move being caught on camera---> “you know who’s watching”; the G20 cameras that where suppose to come down after the riots….yup, there still up. And the second meaning well, I’ll let you figure that out.

As the other students have mentioned, we buy our wood from ROAROCKIT, the grandparents of longboarding in Toronto <3. Then after the vacuum bag process, and some intense tears from sanding and scrapping, you end up with a board that feels smooth like baby’s buttocks and a half. My board was the only one in class to be made with camber (a pop, like the boards curved up) and this was made by using two books in the middle of the board and pressure on the ends while it was getting pumped in the vacuum bag. Then comes the DOPEST part… spray painting! I made my layers with a colour coordinated template and strategically taping off my board with green tape and sometimes a more clear tape. Cut and spray: I used Belton because I think it’s the sexiest paint ever produced next to the new Montana Gold. My graphic has a lot of rhythm and flow thanks to the colouring scheme which Craig helped me pick and some of the objects are 1-layered to give a sick flat effect. The drips at the tail of the board really ties it all together because it reflects me and the end of anything.

Personally, I hate writing, but being in this school writing has become like another art. Especially when I can talk about something I love. I really impressed myself with the results of this board and what I’m capable of doing. I’m hoping to bust off like 10 more Watevski boards in the future! So watch out world, TRNE TRKS is coming at cha!

And oh yeah… since this is going on the internet and people might see this, you should call the school and I'll make you a clutch board ^-^!