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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Harley Quinn

So here we are. My second board this year. My CUSTOM board. It’s beautiful. It’s my hand made Canadian maple drop deck. IT’S THE FIRST IN THE WORLD! (and with the cut away diamond area the first like it in this program). This design was inspired by my second FAVORITE character in the world, Harley Quinn. She is one of my idols. She constantly surprises me and makes me laugh. She seems to think a lot like me; I feel like we could talk about most anything. She takes after Harlequins, Jester figures who are always about the comic relief. No matter how dull of a moment they are always ready to make a joke. There is a Harley Quinn in everyone I think.

I cut the top veneer on the side of the board into a diamond shape to show the coloured veneer underneath. I glued two separate 1cm veneers to finish the pop up diamond shape, with the bright red veneer showing through. I also spray panted a layer of black along the side of the board to resemble her pants. I left the other side with the wood showing through because I really wanted the colour veneers to catch your eye and pop.

I surprised myself finishing this board. I proved to myself taking a chance on a idea really can be a GREAT investment. GET’ER DONE! In the end it turned out wonderful. I love my drop deck and I approve this message: P