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Monday, January 7, 2013

"High End" Kid Skwid Custom

I’m 18 years old. For the longest time I struggled in school and discovered that I was good at woodworking and visual arts, hence my decision to go to Oasis. My art is greatly influenced by people I meet abroad and artists that come to Toronto from around the world. The biggest influences on my art have been my grade 9 art teacher Mrs. Bond and Joachim Lau (AKA Slurg, a guest artist at OSF). 

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with mini boards as you can see by looking at the dream deck I created with mentoring by Ted Hunter of Roarockit. It’s a classy mini cruiser with elements and attributes derived from popular 35-42” symmetrical freeride boards, scaled down and fun yet still high end. There are no graphics, just custom veneer work and grip, burned leather and stitching. Very classy.

The idea to go "high end" was brought on by a lot of the fancy cars that I saw on my way from London-Gatwick airport to the Cotswalds last summer and by a long talk that I had with a new friend along the way. We spoke about the idea of luxury skateboards and the potential market that could be created. I was also influenced by the recent popularity of smaller plastic cruisers, and the lack of versatility they provide. I think I brought two worlds together by creating a cruiser with the look of luxury and functionality of a full sized deck in a miniature form.