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Sunday, November 16, 2014


I'm a student at Oasis Skateboard Factory. I have been attending this school for about a year now and ever since I started I have loved every minute of being here. This beauty is my personal deck. I wood burned "That's Gluttonous" on my deck because whenever I see someone putting so much passion and energy into something they love, the first thing that comes to mind is my brand. You could say I see the hunger that someone goes through when they really want to accomplish something. My brand's theme is passionate hunger; the feeling that fills up your whole body with a need or a undying hunger to go for what you feel most passionate about. What inspired my brand is the seven deadly sins from an anime called Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. I also did some research on the sins to learn more about them. My brand is based of the sin gluttony, which is the act of over eating or to put it simply, to over indulge in something you enjoy a lot.

When making this board I used 7 veneers of 100% great Canadian maple that I vacuumed sealed with wood glue on a foam mold that has the shape of the board that I wanted to make. After the board was done being pressed, I began scraping away at the edges to make them even with each other. Then I made a 45 degree bevel to start rounding the edges of the board. Once that was done, I begin to do a surface sand, starting with 80 grit sanding paper then 180, and then I finished with 220. Finally I finished sanding the board with a wet sand. A wet sand is done using a damp sponge and lightly wetting the board just enough to raise the grain a bit to get a perfectly smooth surface. Once I finished all of that, I began to wood burn my text.

I chose to keep the style simple, because I like to think of my brand as pretty simple.  I chose a black veneer because I thought it would look nice to have a black background.  I chose the font style because it is kind of rough and raw in a way, similar to the passion I see in other people.  What I am trying to communicate is just simply the phrase, my brand, "That's Gluttonous".

I chose to do a mini board because I already have a long board and street deck. Personally I love this board, I feel it came out really well.  I learned how to wood burn doing this board, and in terms of the designs I come up with, this is an easier way to get it on the board.