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Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Chosen Juan Ink

I landed in Canada about four years ago from Colombia due to multiple issues that my family and I had to go through, and simply were not able to overcome. As my life continued on Torontonian grounds, I quickly started to identify the contrast between the South American ways and the “Canadian Dream”, where youth are bombarded with so many opportunities that they don't know how to take advantage of them and some (I'd even say most) decide to conform with a good-paying job that makes them sort of happy. That's is why The Chosen Juan Ink is all about challenging conformity and revolting against the nonsensical norm...slaughter them with kindness!

This board is meant to illustrate the vast contrast that we see these days around us in between those whom are unhapply satisfied with their lives surrounded by mediocrity, feeling trapped by the idea of comfort and not justifying a change, and those who have been going against the grain since day one, wrongfully believing that there should not be any sort structure or balance whatsoever. Then, we have the Slimer green being us – youth, attempting to create a change like everybody else but this time, we want to do it right. Not by fighting against anyone's ideas without a compelling argument, but rather trying to comprehend where they are coming from and maybe then understand, out of the margins of the already established “Good and Bad” mentality, why they think the way they do. This will be the only way we will ever be able to make a change what matters and lasts.

When designing this board, I wanted to utilize the wood in a much more organic, fluent way. Working with the wood grain of the wood veneer was my choice. First I applied frisket on the graphic side of the board (resulting in a much easier and cleaner stencil) and then I cut out what would become black wood grain. I created an original acrylic-fine-liner type of tool to be able to apply small, elongated amounts of paint that later on I'd scratch with a sharp, pointy object to get the jagged effect of the woodgrain division. In terms of branding, I wanted to do something different and wood burning sounded interesting. I'm quite satisfied with this product and look forward to creating more multi-media work.