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Saturday, October 27, 2018


This is my 3rd semester here at OSF. My brand is Boreds. This semester I wanted to focus more on distorting things and making things look dead. The theme of this board is a dead distorted neon cat, the only mean I can think of that it would have would be that things you remember don’t always stay happy and fun. My inspiration for this board has been my past drawings and graphics with skull like features and putting that onto cartoon characters to make them look distorted. I used a tape stencil and spray paint to put the graphic onto the board. To make the board I used Roarockit’s technology which includes pressing the veneers onto a mold inside a bag. I then scrapped away all the extra wood and imperfections and finished off the wood working with sandpaper. To make the colours along the side of the board I also tape stencilled it onto the side. Took awhile but it was worth it. The elements of design I used were line, shape and colour. I’m trying to communicate that not everything is as happy as you remember it and good things can be wrecked too. With this board I have learned that a little bit of extra work goes a long way so it’s worth it in the end if you put in a little more effort.