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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Krude Kids 2018

My brand is @krudekids . Krude Kids exists to say “fuck you with a smile:)” with gnarly colourful graphics.

I was inspired by JIm Phillips, an influential artist for Santa Cruz notable for his “screaming hand” graphic. I took influence from his graphics, and adapted the bold lines and popping colours to makes this vibrant, gross faced, youthful skateboard. This board is a close up of one of my Krude Kids. Being this close up and personal gets you a nice view of all the zits and under-eye bags as well as a solid look up the nose at boogies and hair.

The construction of this board is made of 7 plys of hard Canadian maple laminated using Roarocket vacuum bag technology. After the lamination process I was left with a rough blank board that I shaped and sanded to a fine finish. I decided to spray paint the entire board green as a base, so that it had a unified colour scheme, and then I stenciled layers of spray paint to create to finished graphic. I am attempting to communicate what I would like the look and style my brand to be this year. I will be keeping to that style while thinking up the products I’ll be producing this year.

During the process of making of this board there was a few moments where I thought the whole project was ruined; I’m glad that when I got to those points I had people around me I could reach out to and get the help I needed. I'm looking forward to expressing myself and artistic style through Krude Kids and I am excited to see what awesome products I’ll be making this year with Oasis:)