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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I’m 16 and kind of new to the whole skateboard program. My deck is based more on colour than picture, pulling the eyes to the center of the board (focal point). I think I was trying to communicate how youth spell in text messages and on Msn or Facebook.

I taped up the whole board except some single parts where I would be spraying. Then I took off all the tape, let it dry, the put more tape on and sprayed it again. Then I cut out a stencil for three triangles on each side of the X in black. I finished it up with white triangles in the black ones and a D: face in the middle creating a very balanced design.

I felt very satisfied with the board in the end. The design was something that wasn’t over done and it was more than enough. I look forward to making more boards and seeing what I am capable of.