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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I’m seventeen years old. This is the first deck I have ever made.
The theme had a lot to do with drug abuse which is why there are syringes in the background and also a well known alcoholic, Amy Winehouse. I was actually going to make a deck with the Andy Warhol cow on it, but I had a dream about making this deck and so I changed my mind. I think the message I’m trying to communicate is an anti-drug statement, which is why I made Amy Winehouse look dead and like a zombie. “Crack kills” is the main idea of my longboard.

I used a one-layer stencil on my background and a two-layer stencil graphic on top. The two main principles of design I used were pattern and contrast. I used a pattern on the background to create a wallpaper effect of syringes and I used dark colours in my main graphic against the light colours of my background to create contrast.

I really like my first board and although cutting stencils was tedious, the end result was amazing and I feel like I’ve learned a lot. I think I will definitely use the skills I learned here again in my life for other projects.