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Saturday, May 1, 2010


I have made approximately 10 decks in this program. I love this program. It has made me motivated to come to school every day and I am being really successful in this program. This is my last year here and it makes me really sad that I am leaving this program; at least I had my year here to make 10 decks and be with Craig, my amazing teacher.

The theme of my skateboard is an angel theme. I decided to make this board because I wanted to challenge myself with stencilling. My inspiration was a postcard that I got when I was at Disney at the Japanese pavilion at Epcot. I decided to change it a bit and add angel wings. The way I created this deck was by doing a masking tape stencil where I put the tape on the board and then I traced the design on the board and cut it out. I also used stencilling for the dress that is red. I used three colours white, black, and red. I created a high contrast image with the three colours I used.

With this deck I am trying to communicate beauty and elegance, and that all skateboard designs don’t have to be masculine. That’s what I try to communicate with all my boards. My personal feeling about this board is that I love it and it shows how much I have grown with stencilling and my images over this year.