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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cosmic Hatching

Hey my name’s A.K.A. Dragon as you may already know if you’ve followed Oasis.

I’ve been in Oasis Skateboard Factory for a year and a half now. I’ve made at least 10 boards, some of them have been my own company brand “Cosmic Dragon” and some for friends and sponsorships. When I started my first board I used a sponge dabbing method instead of spray painting it and it didn’t look that great. Since then I’ve learned more styles and methods to make the graphics look better.

I thought last year was hard, but now I’m the studio technician so I’ve got to step my game up (which is fun but challenging at the same time). I get better everyday learning new ways to do it. Although I still get frustrated at times, I’ve also learned new ways to deal with that. Last year I had “the curse of bad spray paint” but that’s over hopefully!!!

This board is pretty important to me because it’s the hatching of my company. Although I’ve made two other boards for “Cosmic Dragon”, this is when the fun really starts because my logos are getting more defined and I’m getting into the groove. This board is called “Cosmic Hatching” because the meteor that crashed in my older board “Desert Landing” is the egg the Cosmic Dragon hatches from.

Keep eyes open for Cosmic Dragon’s next sighting!