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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Vert Style

I've been here at OSF for around 2 semesters and since I've been here I've made 5 boards (4 street decks and 1 custom longboard). I've started to make my own brand as well, it is called Vert, a company that is represented by animals and plant life that have the colour green in them. The theme of this custom shaped board is graffiti style writing with a simple graphic of my brand name. I wanted this board to be like a smaller version of a longboard because I find I like the shape of longboards but they're really heavy (I find longboards way to heavy to have on you all day so I wanted to make it lighter for the rider). I find being at OSF has really improved my skills in graffiti and drawing and I’m glad I could make work like this.

My board was made out of 100% maple and I had help from Ted at Roarockit to make it. I used the taping method of stencilling then cutting out the design. I used black and lime green spray paint and then sprayed it with a gloss finish. I made the graffiti of my brand name and tried to make it balance and flow out well and I think the green and black work very well together to make it stand out and make it more vibrant. I think it came out looking really good.

Overall, I think I did really well on the woodworking and the graphic on this board; I put a lot of time and effort into it and I’m very proud with the outcome.