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Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Letter to New Students from a Student Moving On...

A Letter to New Students from a Student Moving On...

Craig has been great, I’ve never had such a supportive teacher. In most situations he gives you total creative control and is always there to extend a helping hand. Not only is he a very personable teacher but he’s extremely knowledgeable on Street art and art in general. I’m so grateful for everything that I’ve been exposed to because of Craig and all his hard work.

The school work we do here at Oasis Skateboard Factory is a lot different from your average school. Most of it is a lot more hands on due to the street art and board building aspects. It doesn’t just stop there though; most of the business work that we do is applied in a real world setting. Whether its building a board on commission for a sandwich shop or screen printing in a professional studio like The Baitshop, we are always doing something where you either walk away with money or a product you can hold, so it feels like you’ve actually accomplished something.

This school has had a big impact on the way I look at school and work in general. Before I came to this school I had never passed an art class because of the constraints that the curriculum put on the work you where supposed to produce. Since coming to OSF I’ve not only acquired multiple art credits, but I’ve actually been approached by multiple interested parties looking for me to do design work. I’ve also decided that I’d like to continue doing art and possibly even make it a full time job.

Being a part of the Factory means your constantly working on something, and when your constantly doing something creative you’re going to make a lot of memories. One of my favourite days at the Factory was our Frankenboard build. We gathered scrap wood and other things from the garbage around Kensington Market to build crazy makeshift longboards and then raced them. My build team won and we got free movie passes and other prizes like clothing; it was defiantly a memorable day.

Oasis Skateboard Factory is definately a one of a kind program and is full of crazy cool opportunities!