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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Pokedeckz by Lizard Kidd

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I am a returning student to OSF and my brand revolves around the mystical, spiritual and political aspects of society. Lizard Kidd reflects me as a person who blends into my surroundings while still observing and commenting on society. This board was an attempt to
incorporate pop culture into my art and to do a technical experiment. I wanted to explore nostalgia within skateboarding with this design.
This board is custom cut from a symmetrical freeride board mold shape. I have never made my own custom board before, so it was interesting to learn how to make a template of a really functional new longboard
shape. After finishing the woodworking, I stripped the backs off my favourite Pokemon cards. I used wood glue to collage them in brick
pattern. I also tried to arrange the layout in a rainbow colour scheme. I sealed the cards on the board using many layers of
waterproof varnish and then applied polyurethane varnish because I wanted it to be more scratch proof.
I am happy with how the technique worked on this deck. It was difficult figuring out a way to make sure the cards wouldn’t fall off over time, but once I set this board up I’ll put it to the test. I have never had a longboard so I’m stoked to ride my own longboard design for the first time!