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Saturday, November 5, 2016


BLACKLIGHT WOLFPACK: Greetings Earthlings. I’m 18 and I live to create art. In fact I’ve been involved in various forms of art since I was 5 years old and I hope to continue to do as long as I exist. 
This is my first skateboard completely created by me. The image is of a female figure with her chakras exposed. The image represents the subconscious mind. I believe there are parts of our minds that we cannot access and these parts are somewhat revealed to us through our dreams and when we think to ourselves. My inspiration for the graphic came from neo psychedelic art and black light posters; both art forms feature a lot of black with vibrant colors.
I used spray paint, a ton of tape and a bit of acetate to create my image. Most of the graphic was created with a tape stenciling technique where I cut out parts of the image and then spray painted the board. The technique can be described as sort of painting by numbers. Rather than painting multiple colors I painted one color at a time for the entire graphic. For example I painted all of the parts of the image that was purple at once by cutting out all the purple parts of the image in one layer of tape.
Contrast and color were major parts in the elements of my design. I contrasted color with heavy black to put emphasis on the figure. The message I am trying to create with my image is to invoke thought and get humans to think differently about themselves by reflecting on who they are and searching for a deeper meaning to their existence. I believe that if we self reflect we can better understand ourselves and then instinctively understand others and our world. 

I am ambivalent to my first board because I feel the use of spray paint restricted my design because I was unable to recreate the look that was produced with pencil crayon. Over all the board turned out ok although I feel it lacks a balance. To fix this problem I could have put the figure on the board twice rather than once and have the second figure laid beside the first on the opposite side to create this balance that I feel is missing. I learned that I need to think about the medium I’ll be using before I create my image.