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Saturday, November 5, 2016

“Smoke Signal Street Deck” by Flare Skate Co.

This is my second semester at OSF and I’m trying to do a “classier” thrash style with my brand this year. Flare Skate Co. exists to be a signal of sanctuary for skaters. This is my fourth branded board and instead doing bright flares of colour like my last boards, I’m taking this board in a more subtle direction. Instead of flames, I’m using smoke as a more subtle signal.
To play down the colour in my previous boards I used Montana spray paint: black, white, ivory and “magic white” gave the smoke a transparent effect. The graphic techniques I used were tape stencils and then hand-drawn outlines with paint marker. I left a lot of the bamboo wood grain showing around the graphic to show off the beauty of the construction of the board. I used bamboo in a previous board, you couldn’t see it, but overall I was happy with the stable ride; with this board I used bamboo again but as the bottom layer and I also used six other layers of hard rock Canadian Maple. I used my own custom shaped mold again as the shape has increased concave for easy control and a comfortable foot bed.

Overall I am happy with how this board pressed, but I learned that I should trim my veneers to fit my mold before I press it to get a tighter fit and better concave results. This model, the “Smoke Signal Street Deck”, is an exclusive for myself to ride as a prototype so I can perfect the overall shape before I graduate in June. I really liked the aesthetic of this graphic, but I’ll be changing it from a cigarette to a match in future production because I am aware we really shouldn’t be promoting smoking in school. I’m looking forward to my last year at OSF and the many projects and learning experiences ahead of me!