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Saturday, November 5, 2016


PARRFECT: I’m 17 and I grew up in Cape Dorset Nunavut. I recently moved down south to finish my final years of school. My brand is Parrfect. My brand exists to fuse the spiritual with the everyday.
The theme of my skateboard graphic is motivation. In the graphic the image of the man is small, but his shadow shows people that he is strong. My inspiration comes from all the traditional stories I heard from my grandparents growing up. I’m also inspired by Inuit hunters. They may be small but they can work hard out on the land. They also need to know the land so they don’t fall through the ice. I used tape stencils to create this graphic. For the elements of design, I used colour, changing the colour of the mountains to make it look like some of them are farther away. I also used pattern for the mountains and emphasis by putting my character right in the middle of the board. With this board I want to show people that they are stronger than they think they are. 
Overall I think it turned out great. Next time I’ll try and work on lining things up but for a first board I’m happy. I’m looking forward to making more boards with Inuit stories and making as much art as possible before I die!