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*Drop-in Info Sessions are held every Wednesday at 9AM in the OSF Classroom (Room 3, 707 Dundas St. W.) during the school year.


Update for September Registration 2019/OSF Year 11: The Oasis Skateboard Factory Classroom is now closed and we won't be returning calls until Sept. 4. If you need to reach someone over the summer please call the Oasis Alternative S.S. Main Office at 416-393-9830 (20 Brant St. 3rd Floor). We will be holding a drop-in Info Session for remaining spaces on Wednesday Sept. 4 at 9AM,. Thursday Sept. 5th at 4PM and Friday Sept. 6th at 1PM in the OSF Classroom (Room 3, 707 Dundas St. W.). All New and Returning Students must claim their spot and be timetabled Thursday Sept. 5 at 10:30AM (dismissed at 1PM). Mandatory Orientation for All Students Friday Sept. 6 at 10:30AM (dismissed at 1PM). Full day classes and projects start Monday Sept. 9, 2019.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Crewel Intentions

Crewel Intentions:
Heeyyyo, I’m the baby of the bunch I’m only 16 might as well be a babbling toddler. This is my first year at Oasis Skateboard Factory and it's also my first skateboard at OSF. 
My brand is Crewel Intentions. We exist to recreate old art forms in a new way.
To make my board I glued a bunch of wood together, seven sheets to be exact, but you don't want to hear about that, you can read every other description on here, it's essentially the same except I used an Xacto knife a lot to fix my mistakes because I messed up a lot! But that's alright, I'll do better next time.
The image on my skateboard is a deer on the side of a highway in the morning sun. The deer is purple, blue, dead and filled with stuffing, just like the stuffing in a toy. Deer represent many things, and one of those things is the idea of regeneration or rebirth, so my deer can represent the idea of the death of something in our lives like childhood for instance, and starting a new beginning The sun coming up represents a new day or a new beginning also. I like the idea that we can change ourselves, and don't have to always stay the same and can in some ways regenerate, like when you die in a video game. 

I prefer to let other people make up their own mind about what my art means to them, and not try to influence them. When my art has someone else's meaning it seems more interesting and powerful and it makes it a shared experience. Look out for my next weird project @crewel_intentions