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Saturday, November 5, 2016



My brand is Safe in Your Skin. We exist to promote positive body image within tattoo culture.
On this deck I painted a tattoo inspired icon I have been working on for a long time. I’m inspired by other artists especially in the tattoo industry. I’m drawn to a more traditional style with attention to linework and stippling. I created this graphic using tape stencils and paint markers. I decided to paint a stripe up the centre of the board to reflect old school skateboard graphics. I chose greyed-out shades to give the deck a vintage feel. The graphic is balanced because the central image isn’t right in the middle. By placing it a little high and adding the stripe your eye travels over the entire board.
Overall I’m pretty happy with this board. Last year my first board was more traditional tattoo style with bright colours. This year I’m trying to put my own stamp on traditional style and I think this board is successful in doing that. I’m looking forward to mixing super girly imagery with the darker, more macho tattoo flash. I’m still inspired by tattoos but watch Safe in Your Skin for a new twist.