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Friday, March 24, 2017

Blacklight Wolfpack

d is politics and questioning the U.S and essentially all of the western countries and how the government and those who represent it seem to have a recurring theme of lying to the
public, selling lies, and false promises in order to gain a seat in the White House or any leadership position. The two profile silhouettes are of Ronald Reagan (left) and Donald Trump (right) both of whom ran for U.S presidency and campaigned using the phrase "Let's make America great again." The image of the inmate represents the 13th
amendment and how it revokes the rights of those who have been or are
in prison. The 13th amendment states that slavery is abolished and
every human has rights except for those with a criminal record who
lose their rights they can be subjected to slavery. The rights granted are revoked once a criminal record is attached to their name, and they lose their right to vote as well as not being able to fit into society
like the rest of U.S citizens. I've painted the White House black to
represent the mystery, secrecy, and lies which it carries. Finally,
I've asked the question "When was America ever great"? because their
system is flawed in the fact that not everyone is given the same
Image may contain: 2 people
The tool I used to create the image is a wood burner. It isn't exactly
visible, but the black house and the prisoner have relief. The wood
burner was used to to cut out the shapes to create the relief. I also
used acrylic paint for the inmate and silhouettes. I used spray paint
for the black house. The prisoner and black house aren't exactly centred, but the tree and bush were added to balance the misplacement. The silhouettes were placed on the ends looking into the image to draw the eyes to the centre of the board. I limited the palette to emphasis the message on the board and limit distractions. Displaying the wood
grain was an intentional design feature to communicate exposure, and leaving things raw and in the open, and uncovering what is usually

Overall, I'm happy with the results. My one regret is not properly
centring the Black house, because it is a little off, but I like the
added tree and bush and they wouldn't be there otherwise. I learned
that the palette used can dramatically affect the overall image and can either benefit or hinder the message that is being conveyed. Usually my images contain a lot of black and pops of many colours, but for this particular image I toned down the palette to a simple black and orange with pops of red, yellow, purple, and brown, and I think made the piece look a little less youthful and fun and more serious and modern in an unconventional way. The board turned out nearly exactly to what I wanted it to be and I'm happy with this work.
What's up, my brand is Blacklight Wolfpack, and we exist to question what needs to be questioned. This is my fourth board for my brand.

My inspiration comes from U.S #Politricks and the documentary film 13 exploring the 13th amendment in the U.S constitution. The film explains how the 13th amendment takes the freedom away from inmates and dehumanizes them in U.S society. The theme of my skateboar