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Friday, March 24, 2017

Safe in your Skin

I'm seventeen. This is my fourth semester at OSF. My brand is Safe in Your Skin and we exist to promote positive body image within tattoo culture.

The inspiration for this board is the quote "When life gives you
lemons, make lemonade". I only used "When life gives you lemons.." to leave it open to interpretation, showing instead of telling. This board is part of a series of boards I've been working on with a
central bordered image. I've used images of women's bodies in a
provocative way as a kind of f-you, it's my body and I can do what I want.

I tried a new technique for this board by burning the shapes of the lemons out of wood veneers to make them stand out more. I was inspired by a relief board we did for Native Studies. After I burned out the shapes with a wood burner, I put wood glue on their backs and pressed the board back in the vacuum bag. Then I re-sanded the surface of the deck and started painting using acrylic paints. I watered down the acrylics to give it a soft wash effect. I like acrylic better than watercolour because I feel it bleeds less on the wood and it's easier to control.

I think the board turned out pretty good considering it was the first time I used the extra veneer technique. I want to do another board to go along with this new fruit series featuring peaches. I think they will look great laid out side by side. I talked to my mentor at
Anomaly about doing a colour series with a different flower for each
colour. This board gives me a good start thinking about how to make collections within my brand.
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