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Friday, March 31, 2017

Queasy Rider

I’m an 18 year old student, and this is my second semester at OSF this
is the seventh board I’ve created and I’m excited to see what else I
can make before this semester ends. My brand Queasy Rider exists to
connect sick art with sick people. I mainly produce art for people
who enjoy grotesque imagery and anyone with a sense of humor.

At the beginning of the current semester I was told to try something
new, a new process when it comes to designing boards, I had many ideas
and wanted to do all of them but one in particular intrigued me the
most. I wanted to design a board that paid tribute to one of my
biggest inspirations: action figures. I decided to design the board as
an old school action figure in a box; the action figure portion is an
addition small piece of veneer pressed on top of the deck so I could
get the feeling that it’s actually coming off the box. The shape of
the board is an old school pool deck and I think it works very well
with the themes of the board. I used wrestling figures from the 80s,
Stretch Armstrong and he-man figures as reference for the “Queasy Boy”
and a wide variety of 70s-90s action figure boxes and box art as
reference for the rest of it. I spray painted the board orange and
hand painted everything else. When planning this board I thought it
would be interesting to feature a retired super hero or something
along those lines, so I painted an older, out of shape version of the
Queasy Boy holding little versions of a younger him. The way I see,
allot of people including myself have a soft spot for figures pre 2000
because they are irreplaceable something about the strange proportions
and hand painted feel as well as that cheap plastic smell are just
great. I wanted this board to embody some of that as well as showing
someone holding on to the past. Making this board was challenging but
allot of fun.

I really enjoy trying new things like this and will continue to do so
throughout the rest of this semester, so stay tuned and make sure to
check me out @Queasy_Rider

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